Boy, 10, Saves Mother Who Was Having A Seizure In The Pool

Home-security video shows the moment an Oklahoma mother experiencing a seizure in her backyard pool was saved from drowning by her 10-year-old son.

Lori Keeney posted the footage on Facebook and wrote that “one of [her] worst nightmares” had come to life that morning.

The video shows Keeney convulsing in the water as her son, Gavin, dives into the pool and cradles her to hold her head above the water.

Gavin, who was on the porch, said he heard splashing and then looked and saw his mother “sinking in the pool.”

He kept her head above water for more than a minute before his grandfather jumped in to help.

The Kingston Police Department later presented Gavin with an award for his bravery.

“He’s definitely my hero,” Lori said. “But I really do feel like he’s my guardian angel, as well.”